The Golden Arrows of Earl’s Hill: What Happened Next…

Last month I put an article in the Pontesbury Newsletter (see below) asking if anyone had found a golden arrow on Earls Hill recently. This was because, as part of an art project, I had made 3 golden arrows and arranged for them to be hidden on the top of the hill on Palm Sunday, as a way of celebrating the old custom of Pontesford Wake, when people used to go up the hill on that day for a picnic and to play games. One of the games was a search for a Golden Arrow, supposedly lost by a king in Saxon times.
I thought people might be interested to hear that a local person did come forward to say that he and his two daughters were up on the hill a few days later in the deep snow that descended on us that week, and found all three arrows! Now each daughter has one of the golden necklaces that were concealed in the arrows, and he plans to give the other one to his future daughter-in-law. A lovely ending to the story I think.
If you are interested in finding out more about the golden arrows, or other parts of the project – such as the circle of cuckoos that were in Pontesford Hill woods, or the willow figure that was by the waterfall at the Lyd Hole, please have a look at the website: From there you can also follow a link to a short video on YouTube that shows something of how the sculptures were made and installed.
And thanks to everyone who has been in touch to comment on the project. It is very much appreciated.
Bill Sample

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