News from the Hill to owners of domestic wood burners

Winter is not far away and, if you have not already done so, now is the time to stock up with firewood for your log burner or open fire-grate. Friends of Pontesford and Earls Hill are once again able to offer for sale split log firewood that has been processed from seasoned hard-wood timber that has already fallen or been cut as part of the Hill management programme. Logs are offered as a trailer-load in approximate lengths of either 9” or 11” (228mm or 279mm).
Your orders and income derived from those log sales will help to support the cost of managing the Hill.
Orders may be placed at Hignett’s of Pontesbury Ltd., or by either calling or texting mobile phone number 07811 388281. Local deliveries free of charge.
Friends of Pontesford and Earls Hill

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