Speaking at a Pontesbury Parish Council meeting

Following a review the Parish Council has agreed to move the “public comments and questions” agenda item to the start of the Parish Council meeting. As a member of the public you are more than welcome to attend the whole or part of any meeting of the
Parish Council apart from when there is a matter of a confidential nature during
which members of the public will be asked to leave the meeting whilst that item is
being discussed.
If the subject of your comment or question is an item on the agenda it will be taken into account when that item is discussed later in the meeting. If you wish to raise a point which does not relate to an item on that evening’s agenda you are free to do so. However, the council’s discussion of the point might have to be delayed until a subsequent meeting as the council is unable to make a decision binding in law (this is particularly relevant to financial decisions) unless a specific item is included on the agenda. If you ask a question the Chairman may ask a Councillor for a verbal response or to the Clerk for a written or verbal response, if they are able to answer.
After you have spoken you may not participate further in the deliberations of Council at that meeting. However you will be more than welcome to stay and listen to the debate that ensues either at the meeting or to attend any future meetings. Members of the council are always willing to discuss topics put forward by the public. The agenda is prepared about a week before the next monthly council meeting so you will need to inform the Clerk or Chairman at least ten days before the meeting. All agendas and minutes of Parish Council Meetings are posted on the local notice boards in the Parish and are published on the Parish Council website: